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TSW-03 Wonder Jane

’It’s the dark installation called ”The Goodness Trading Company.” The group’s true colors are catching social weak people and make them train to be terrorists’ groups for all parts of the world in order to sell them away. After turning their bodies and minds into devil’s ones... This is a boss of the Goodness Trading Company named ”Greth.”’ ’ usual I just need to catch the evidence of the man named ”Greth”, don’t I!’ ’Wander Jane...It’s a really easy job for you, isn’t it...all right then, just enjoy your work...that’s what I really want to say to you, but there is one women are admitted to the dark installation ”The Goodness Trading Company” ...Only persons can enter into it from outside are the soldier trainees, or hookers...’ ’Huh...I understand it...What I can do is one of two choices...’ ’I truly trust you...The Female Secret Intelligence Agent Wonder-Jane!’ ’Trust me!...I am a girl who makes things impossible into possible...!’ ’Just in case, I will give it you...It’s a small sized capsule bomb. Hide it inside your mouth. When you want to utilize this, just bite it with teeth. It will explode after three minutes.’ ’Huh...If I remember it...I will utilize it...’ That’s how the mission is started...

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