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ZDAD-83 Sexual Dynamite Heroine 03 Glamourous Lady

Princess Grace of the Amazonian Kingdom works as a special investigator in Japan while she fights as Glamorous Lady. One day, Mirei is defeated by a woman when she was chasing after a villain. When she wakes up, she receives a call that her partner was kidnapped. Mirei does what she is told in order to save her partner and transforms to save him. Three fighters (Scrald, Velude, and Ulrad) appear before her and confesses the truth about the Amazonian Kingdom. They tell her that they are the Dark Amazonians, how Queen Amazonia tried to kill them, and how they destroyed the Amazonian Kingdom. Although Glamorous Lady is angry, she knows the best decision is to save Toba before getting into a battle. She takes Toba and escapes from the building. But she gets tricked by Toba and falls unconscious. While Glamorous Lady is getting tortured, she finds out how Scrald is getting tricked. Scrald releases the heroine and starts the final battle to see who the true Queen of Amazonia is. After the long battle, Glamorous Lady is exhausted but Velude and Ulrad were waiting for this moment…

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