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TSW-02 Zombie Hazard

To investigate the cause of the laboratory accident that occurred in a pharmaceutical company, an antiterrorism special force unit S.L.U.M. sends its Red Team into the facility. They are a band of five commandos, led by Commander Ohara. The soldiers enter the lab, but what they find is a hell beyond imagination! The blood-thirsty zombies attack the soldiers! Under these extreme circumstances, the commandos search for survivors and a missing researcher Albert Hughes. Then the team’s only female member Lisa Summers finds a radio and succeeds in communicating Hughes, who reveals her the truth. He says there is a criminal responsible for the massive “accident” in S.L.U.M.! And the only clue she got is that the person has a butterfly tattoo on the hip. Using radio communication as her guide, Lisa bravely fights the swarming zombies and attempts to discover the truths behind the case with her brain and muscles.

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