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TSW-01 Space Woman

Space Woman is subjected to persistent screwing by the Blood-sucking Mogul, her long-time enemy. The most devastating trick is the tarantula gas, which renders the affected body area unbearably itching. So itching, but can’t be scratched away. There is no comparable pain in the whole wide world... The only cure for the pain is provided by the Blood-sucking Mogul with his scratching. It’s so humiliating... The Blood-sucking Mogul sprays the gas on Space Woman’s groin and rubs the concentrate solution of the gas into her cunt. The Mogul scratches her groin only once in a while, which provides unworldly relief and ecstasy. And, while not scratched, she is assailed with incredible twinge. Yet, she holds on to the pride of Space Woman as the heroine of justice. You’ll enjoy seeing the heroine’s frustration as she goes through her predicament.

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