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TNI-18 Ninja 18

...In the near seemed that the earth was engulfed in flames by a nuclear war and all creatures were totally extinct...However...there were some survivors somehow, and they were fighting for some foods and water, which barely existed... The cult organization called the Kiba clan(Kiba means tusk) was trying to wrest foods and fuel from the village of Wing for the sake of moving to the last resort that was only left on the earth! But contrary to that, a last regent warrior appeared. The female warrior gave her name as Sayaka, and she fought against the Kiba clan...! However, she was trapped by a hypnotic gas and captured by them. Sayaka was tied up by ropes and surrendered by the barbarians of the Kiba clan. In addition to that, she was tortured her flesh by a female warrior called Mai...! And finally Sayaka was going to be disgraced by some bizarre monster... But she betted on a last ray of hope...

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