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TNI-16 Ninja 16

In the near future… the world is wrapped in the nuclear fire and it seems all the life is extinct… However… the rest humanity is fighting over water and food a little left… this world is at the age that the stronger takes up the weaker with violence…. …an old man who is attacked by a cult organization named Gaichizoku is helped by legendary female warriors, “Ai” and “Mai”… Ai, who knows that her brother is in the servants of Gaichizoku, infiltrates the hideout of Gaichizoku with Mai…. Ai and Mai kick out bandits one after another, but the head of the family, Gul, is stronger than them….! The female warriors, Ai and Mai, whose weak points are known, become the servant of the head. Ai and Mai fight each other. Fighting with blades and punching each other, they lose their power and they hit each other at the same time… And the female warrior Ai is disgraced by a mysterious devil man, and her friend, Mai also torment her…. The female warriors become poisoned by the Gaichizoku…

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