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TNI-14 Ninja 14

The ”Iron Claws” is a global crime clan. Master Claw, boss of the ring, prides on his collection of artistic objects stolen from across the world, which he puts to auction for sale underground. Megumi Maki, a special anti-crime agent trained in the secret organization build by the government, gets into the hideout of Master Claw with a mission to expose Master Claw’s secrets with evidence. But, she is captured by Master Claw after getting subdued by the gigantic mad man ”Benkei”.... And, she is subjected to the cruel tortures of Master Claw. Burnt by high-voltage electricity in the groin, with clans men chomping on and devouring her cunt, Megumi gets gnawed by perverted tortures. She somehow breaks away, only to be captured by ”Benkei” and get disgraced... in the most unbearable beastly manner for young Megumi. While crying and screaming, Ninja Megumi has to accept ”Benkei”, with Master Claw’s lover forcefully joining in banging her.

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