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TNI-09 Ninja 09

Professor Zark has had a vicious purpose. He implanted into young women’s colon certain parasitic organisms (bio organisms) that have genes taken from insects or reptile to complete the ultimate bio arms. With bio organisms in their bodies, women teachers and co-eds have come to acquire super human power and turned to use the power against Professor Zark to revenge... But, the Professor has had a treacherous scheme in place. To complete the bio arms, the bio organisms need to be taken out from girls’ colon again so that three bio organisms are matched. With two bio organisms already retrieved, the Professor has to get another. He is now waiting for ”Girlie Ninja Spicer, Suzu Aso” to fall into his prey. Suzu Aso, an aspiring scientist, volunteers to get the surgery in a ploy to foil Zark’s sinister design. She has now subdued Monster Skull Tarantula, but her benefactor mentor doctor taken hostage and gets bound up. She faces the surgery for extraction of the last bio organism. Ninja girl screams out cries of agony at the top of her lungs, as she is assailed in her anal to get the bio organism out. ”Ouch! It hurts! I’m splitting out!” Her cries ring out in the hollow laboratory. At last, the Professor gets the bio organism and lets the Skull Tarantula disgrace the girlie Ninja. With the Monster’s grotesque tentacles invading into her groin, she is at first tormented with splitting pains but soon is overwhelmed with ecstatic pleasures. How will the Ninja girl save her destiny? (Adapted from ”Refugee from Science of the Dark”, the last chapter in the trilogy of filmed girlie Ninjas)

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