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TNI-02 Ninja 02

An airhostess Arisa Tsukikage rushed out from her flight after she heard that a successor of the dragon-tusk style ninja technique ”Mizuho Kakyouin” was fallen into the claws of evils and knocked down to death. ”Arisa” was a female ninja who trained ninja technique with ”Mizuho”, and also she was a friendly rival! Arisa Tsukikage transformed herself into the female ninja ”Arisa” , and she sneaked into the enemy’s evil base for the sake of confirming her superiority to ”Mizuho” due to a method of taking revenge for her death!...However, she got a surprise attack from behind and beaten by an evil ninja ”The Futile-Tusk.” And also dark beasts that were so hungry for blood and female flesh made an attack on ”Arisa.” Her crotch was seized violent hold of by ”The Futile-Tusk”, and also her flesh was messed with some assassins... But there were worse things awaiting her. At first that was human experimentation by a mad doctor who created ”The Futile-Tusk.” Pandemonium reigned in a cry of the female ninja...! After that, she was disgraced so badly by a unsuccessful operation remodeled ninja ”The Futile-Tusk No.2” and went through most serious terror in the whole world... Well, would the dragon-tusk style ninja technique be vanished like that!?…

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