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TLTD-65 Heroine Wetting her Panty Omnibus

[Sailor Aqous] Sailor Aquos saves a man from getting beaten. But at that moment, someone sneaks up on her and Sailor Aquos loses consciousness... When she wakes up, she finds herself getting tied up from the ceiling... Soon she finds out that this was all set up by the two men. After they use a vibrator on her vagina, she starts acting weird... [Force Ranger] Yellow has been walking for hours, but she couldn’t reach her destination. She feels the urge to use the restroom, but she couldn’t find it anywhere near. Then enters a factory to ask if she can use their restroom... But no one answers... She decides to use it without their permission. But the door is locked and she finally wets her panty. While she worries about what to do with the mess, she hears someone washing his or her hands from inside the restroom. Yellow tries to act as if nothing has happened, but... [Super Lady] Super Lady defeats the monster with just a punch in the face! But someone throws something at her... She catches the object but it is the terrarium ore, Super Lady’s one and only weakness! She loses consciousness and gets captured by the villain... The monster notices something wrong about her lower stomach... He concentrates on attacking her there and... [Sparklady Beagle] Sparklady Beagle is crucified by the monsters... Mysterious men surround her... Beagle asks them to save her but... They now play around with her titties and pussy... Beagle can no longer hold it in... The men make her drink her own...

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