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AZGB-20 A Female Agent Action Battle BurnUltimatum

Disillusioned with the works assigned to her that are far from what she had imagined, a female agent Ayako Mizuse has been thinking about changing her job. Today she is seen slacking off as usual when she receives a message that a wanted terrorist Koroki has been spotted. Ayako, who happens to be near the place where Kuroki was seen, finds Kuroki and decides to follow him with her partner Zen-san. But Zen-san, a veteran detective getting near retirement, doesn’t want to risk his career and life, and tells her to forget it. Now Mizuse has to follow Kuroki on her own and catches him doing deals, but she is interrupted by a man with a gun pointed at her, who has been hiding. Beaten up Ayako gets unconscious and is taken to the gang’s hideout, where she is subjected to rigorous tortures. Then suddenly something started to re-kindle the agent’s spirit inside Ayako, for whom this is the first big crime case. Ayako stands up once again and fights back. Now Ayako engages in a live-or-die battle with the boss of the enemy organization, and, though battered, wounded and crawling on the ground, she stands up and continues to fight. Can she win the fight in the end?

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