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GPTM-09 New Star Unit Ryuseiger

Since fleeing from their mother Planet Marina, destroyed by the Dark Convoy Black Hall, the five boys and girls have sought asylum and grown up burly and beautiful on the Earth. And, now they are the members of the New Star Ranger Ryusaygers, fighting the Black Hall to defend the Earth on the brink of annihilation. With their earth invasion scheme foiled by the Ryusaygers time after time, the Black Hall has called in the No. 2 adjunct Coral from another battalion for help along with Dr. Octopus and General Shark for a new strategy. They plan to capture the only two woman survivors from the Planet Marina, Ryusay Blue and Ryusay Pink, who have the physical idiosyncrasy of spewing an extract from their groin, which has a super-power when aroused by sexual stimulations. They want to make big money by putting them on auction and also to annihilate all the earth people deprived of their inherent powers. Using the ultrasonic waves that caused the Plant Marina to perish, the Black Hall runs the Ryusaygers into confusion and finally captures Blue and Pink. To hike up their prices higher and get them to spew more extracts, they train the girls to develop sexual power. The Black Hall, with their power, techniques and cruelty, wield rampaging violence on the girls. Will Blue and Pink every get away from them and escape to freedom? What will happen to Ryusaygers? To the Earth? Annihilation or reversal? The destiny lies in the hands of two superheroines! [Bad ending]

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