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DFI-03 Nymph figure03

My name is Rei Himejima. I am also a sailor blouse warrior the same as Eri and Mai...and I am trying to beat the Vice-Mask, too! Today also, somebody should need my help! I must go now! ”Ha-ha-ha-ha...she doesn’t realize that this is a trap...Now she comes successfully...! Definitely I will get my revenge on this little sailor blouse chick warrior!” Rai was caught in a dreadful trap, and she was controlled by those evil guys as if she were on wires that was caused by the Vice-Mask’s black magic. ”Please don’t give me such shameful orders any more...No! Now, I want to die...Oh, yes my, no...” Then she was licked her hairy parts by those evil guys and groped her body so badly. And finally she was disgraced by the Vice-Mask. ”Please take that big stuff out from my hairy parts because my inside stuff was turning up so hot and it is really hurting me...Oh, yea...I will be crazy if it keeps going...yea, ha...Does the Vice-Mask have any weak points...ha...”

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