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DFI-02 Nymph figure02

My name is Mai Kashiwagi...of course, I am a sailor blouse warrior. But anyone should not fight for justice...because there would be no time for love… ” are a sailor blouse warrior! The pay back time has come to you! Now I am going to settle old scores!!” And a black magician Gerald (the Vice-Mask) kidnapped Mai’s beloved person, and he was about to surrender Mai to his satisfaction. Mai was shouting at the top of her voice while she was grappled with those bad guys. ”No...don’t do that something so sick...” But in addition to that, those bad guys injected some spooky medicine into her flesh bud. ”Oh, my...It’s so hurt!” Finally the sailor blouse warrior was disgraced badly by the Vice-Mask... ”Oh, no, no, no ...somebody help me... I am coming now...”

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