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ZCGD-02 Phantom Beautiful Soldier Dream Knight vol.2

The next killer the Sackubaz, the ones who eat up the dreams of humans sent in is the Mismantis. Mismantis gets artists together and tries to get them to draw a picture of hell to offer to Nahga, the Queen of the Sackubaz. The Dream Knights battle with Mismantis who try to kidnap student teacher, Kyoko. Unfortunately, Minusagi is thrown off guard at the sudden appearance of her mother Sayuri, and the student teacher Kyoko is carried off by Mismantis. Moreover, Minusagi is taken home by Sayuri who is overtaken by anxiety. Having no other choice, Miya and Aoi go to sneak into the building that is the hide-out of the Sackubaz. But, what the two girls find awaiting them inside the building is a different time and space that had been created by Nahga….. Miya and Aoi are driven against the wall. Will they be able to make it out of the labyrinth and rescue student teacher, Kyoko? And, what of Minusagi... We bring you Volume 2 of the special effects action of the heroic deeds of the three noble and beautiful warriors! May the power of will give them the strength to defeat evil!

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