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ZARD-37 Female Combatants Story - Escape

Female agent Nao Matsuzaki managed to infiltrate the all-women crime syndicate ”Impulsor” as elite candidate, looking for her missing sister and undercover agent Makoto. However, Nao has to endure the brutal and habitual harassment and even tortures by her rivals of the same training class, Yoshika Nekota and Rin Samezu, and her sadistic instructors Kyoko Inukai and Reiko Sarujima. Good-natured Akane Umeki is the only trainee who is friendly to her, but when Akane is sent to another class, the hostile rivals’ bullying gets worse than before. Meanwhile Akane, desperately trying to protect her group’s weaker members Ai Takeuchi and Miki Torizawa as Nao did to her, meets there a new instructor, who is none other than Nao’s missing sister Makoto! Akane attempts to find a way to let Nao know that Makoto is alive, but little did Akane know that three girls Yoshika, Rin and Nao are assigned to kill each other, and only one can survive to be the syndicate’s underground elite member!

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