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ZARD-36 Female Combatants Story - Infiltration

Impulsor is the evil organization, using any means to achieve its goal: complete domination of the world ruled only by women. Female agent Nao Matsuzaki succeeds to infiltrate the crime syndicate, looking for another undercover agent who has disappeared. And she must find her for the missing agent is also Nao’s elder sister. Nao is chosen elite candidate for Impulsor, but she has to live with two ladies who are really wild and untamed: ex-martial art fighter Yoshika Nekota and ex-convict Rin Samezu. Nao gets terribly hurt from the perpetual attacks of both two women stronger, crueler and more cunning than Nao. Moreover, Nao sees her sister in volatile girl Akane Umeki, who is really weak and good-natured. Nao tries to protect Akane from other memebers, but her actions only make her situation worse than before. In addition, a sadistic lesbian ward picks on her, torturing her ruthlessly. Exhausted bodily and mentally, can Nao find her sister in the end?

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