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ZARD-22 Mechanized Giant Heroine Yuria - Kodo -

In 20XX, the people who grew giants because of the by-effect of drugs got human experimentations in the Asia defense forces Kanto basement. Dr. Kamishiro, who is the father of YURIA and Chika Kamishiro, leads the team. When YURIA was still in a junior high, she got seriously injured while her mother died because of horrible car crash. After that, YURIA is so serious about her mother that makes herself chosen to sacrificed to Dr.Kamishiro’s experiments. YURIA can’t move any longer without drugs as a fallout from the accident. Then Sasaki, who is Dr. Kamishiro’s subordinate. He grows a giant and makes him destroy the town! Dr. Kamishiro decided to make YURIA send forth! But YURIA thinks....

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