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TNI-25 Ninja 25

Long long time ago, on a faraway planet, Warriors called Blade Masters had kept the peace of planet as the Guardian. However, since when one of the warriors had been charmed by the dark world, the peace went out of order and the long war of the evil Blade Master and the righteous Blade Masters. The evil Blade Master with the dark power were strong, so that the righteous Blade Masters had been killed one by one. Only an old Blade Master and his pupil, a young female Blade Master had survived. The last female Blade Master Eri had been training her pupil Mai to make her the Blade Master. But the evil master, Shadow Ghost had brought Mai into the dark side. Shadow Ghost also won the fight against Eri and torture her to bring her into the dark side. Eri resisted frantically, but also lost the fight against Mai who had gotten the dark power. Mai tortured Eri with lesbian attack. Master Eri finally yielded to the dark pleasure and became lustful.

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