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THM-01 Super-heroine clash!EPISODE.01

1) Spandexer has been brainwashed by Gerhard. Crescent Nights receives an order from Earth Defense Forces to rescue Dr. Kawakami. During the rescue operation in the cave of Gerhard, she encounters Spandexer. Punching, kicking, and giving body blows, the two women grapple with each other as they roll. Crescent Nights is in the lead. She deprives Spandexer of her power by stomping and finishes her off by neck hanging. That is the success of the operation. 2) Gerhard orders Spandexer to conduct a blast operation against Earth Defense Forces Command. Spandexer and Crescent Nights meet once again. But now Spandexer is more powerful. The two beat other up. Given consecutive body blows, Crescent Nights gets blown off to the floor. With wrestling techniques thrown one after another, Crescent Nights falls into a pinch. There the doctor appears and he drives Spandexer out with a Terrarium gun, which is her biggest weakness. Crescent Nights manages to dispose the explosives by a hairbreadth. She gets tuned up in preparation for the next battle. 3) Gerhard orders Spandexer to perform a mission to kidnap Earth Defense Forces Command. Crescent Nights counters the operation. Breaking each other’s costume and ripping each other’s mask off, the two fight until they get worn out. Who will win in the end...? Will Spandexer be able to regain her sanity?

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