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TGJ-06 Heroine The Dead in Hell 06

There was a sailor blouse costumed lovely girl laying back herself in one beautiful national park. Actually she was ”The Sailor Blouse Angel.” Ayu was a temporary figure in her daily life... One day she received an urgent mission! That was a rescue mission for her fellows ”The School Blazer Team” who were kidnapped into ”S” nation. Immediately Ayu went to the mountain zone in S nation where those hostages were supposed to be captured, and occasionally she met Ling Biao who was a secret intelligence operative man. But beside the mission, she was getting falling in love with the mysterious oriental youth... However, a zombie corps that was created by Dr. Boa attacked such a lovely couple. Ayu transformed herself into the Sailor Blouse Angel to protect and rescue the oriental youth who she fell in love with. After she beat the zombie corps with ”The Sailor-Flash”, she promised wounded Ling Biao to rescue kidnapped fellows without fail... And yet...! Dr. Boa already had changed her fellows into zombies! Ayu got a surprise attack, and as the result she was captured and surrendered by those fellow zombies. She was licked by those dead corpses and wrapped all over body with their sticky saliva, and finally she was disgraced by them. She was taken away her most important thing in her life, however, which pulled her trigger for beating hell out of those zombie fellows! But sneaky Dr. Boa took wounded Ling Biao as a hostage. And he succeeded to give the Sailor Blouse Angel Ayu more brutal tortures. Zombies inserted dirty grotesque meat poles into her mouth by force, and they gave her a torture of shooting cum into her adorable mouth. Ayu was also surrounded by some zombies that vomiting poison liquid. And they covered all her body with the spooky thing. Only she could do was just wriggling around... And then those zombies made her...

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