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TAG-02 Virtual Heroine Cyborg Agent Runa

“Ogre Connection” is an international crime syndicate sparking unrest all over the world by using humanoid cyborgs. However, there is one female warrior among the international police chasing them, who fights and detests them more than anyone else does. Her name is “Luna Shishikami.” Luna herself was turned a cyborg by the crime organization and her mother was murdered by them, and her past memories come back to her every night like nightmare, which only strengthens her hatred day by day. One day a report arrives that the hideout of Ogre Connection is found and Luna and other agents are sent to the place. There they are ambushed by a terrible monster, a humanoid cyborg that is mutated beyond recognition!! After the failed attacks the unit is ordered to retreat, but Luna disobeys the order and continues fighting. But Luna’s body is not still perfectly rebuilt, and the monster takes advantage of the defect, wins the battle and captures Luna in the end....

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