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CGRD-03 Our Super Heroine - Electric Human Spark Lady

The story centers around a system called ”Omanium System” that has been developed by a brilliant scientist Dr. Tonoharu Oma in order to bring peace to humaninity through the system’s fusion of technology and human. Dr. Akuno dreams up a grand scheme for world conquest by taking advantage of the system. A year ago he killed Dr. Tonoharu Oma in consequence of a failure in his attempt to monopolize the system by getting secrets of the system out of Dr. Oma. The secrets have been kept by Kaori, the only daughter of Dr. Oma. Working together with her father’s legacy ”Mechanical-human Roborg,” can Kaori successfully prevent her personal enemy Dr. Akuno from actualizing the ambition? Spark your electric anger! Go, Mechanical-human Roborg!

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