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ABGD-02 Heroine Battle Disgrace02

High school girl Rina is a daughter of a martial arts fighter. To find her missing father Rina enters the world of underground pro wrestling. Wearing a pure white leotard, Rina goes into the ring. She has a better spirit, technique and physical condition than her opponent who is two persons in one body, but in the dirty world of underground wrestling she is no match for the fierce enemy wrestlers. The girl is cornered in the three-on-one fight and during the battle Rina is disgraced and gets cum inside her. Though battered mentally and physically, Rina never gives up and keeps fighting to save her father. Miss Jai-ma, mysterious masked wrestler who rules the world of underground pro wrestling, becomes afraid of Rena who won the tough three-on-one battle. Miss Jai-ma puts Rena to sleep using sleeping pills and inserts a remote-controlled vibrator into her sex organ while she is sleeping. Not knowing Miss Jai-ma’s dirty trick Rena fights in the ring again. Rina is a much stronger fighter than her opponent, but this time things are different. Miss Jai-ma activates the vibrator and Rina has to fight with a vibrator in her crotch, feeling the pleasurable sensations of the vibrations between her legs. Soon it becomes a tough and rough domination match as her body gets hurt and is in pain…. Can Rina win this battle and save the life of her father?

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