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ZDAD-05 Super Light Force Energy Five - Vol.1

Several years ago, the ancient civilization existing in the deep under the ground was discovered... The Super-Photon Power Defense Bureau, which was founded in preparation for the enemy’s invasion on the surface of the earth, developed the special strengthening suit for the decisive battle. In the fitting trial, three persons, Ryou Akagi(means a distant red castle), Seiji Aoba(means a true heart of green leaves), and Yuka Momoi (means an ample peaches) passed. However, on account of the earthquake which a battleship of the ancient empire named the Dogmaila caused, the suit which was supposed to be wore turns into five plasma spheres, and disperses. Three persons somehow accomplish wearing the suit, but the remaining two plasma spheres have been absorbed into the inside of the body of the brothers Kuroki, Takeshi (means ferocious black-yellow) and Jun(means black-yellow season) who are people at large and have nothing to do with the two organizations. A royal prince Chaos and a royal princess Karma of the ancient empire Dogmaila appear before the brothers Kuroki who cannot conceal puzzlement. By dint of a capricious Karma, the brothers Kuroki are driven into a deadly pinch! However, by three persons of our Super-Photon Power Defense Bureau who come by then, the fire lid of a battle between the surface of the earth and the ancient empire is begun! But Yuka Momoi who protects Jun Kuroki in the battle gets a serious injury. Ryou Akagi and Seiji Aoba cannot conceal a sign of impatience in a momentary breakaway of Yuka Momoi who is a support of everybody’s heart. On the other hand, Takeshi Kuroki refuses to enter the Defense Bureau in order to give priority to a peaceful life with his younger brother, and Takeshi Kuroki leaves it with his younger brother, Jun Kuroki. Taking advantaging of the crisis of such the fighting-unit’s division, the royal princess Karma attaches to catching Jun Kuroki who is the youngest in the team and to keeping as a pet, and jumps out to the surface of the earth again.

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