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ZARD-94 Female Assassins SHINOBI Vol.01

Busting out of the assassinator YAIBA gang, Kyoka and Jun, with their outstanding physical capabilities, have been engaged in assassinations of crooked, earthly power-wielders as girlie professionals to clear the grudges and enmity of the socially vulnerable. They, however, now wish to put an end to such a savage and desolate life. But, one day, the YAIBA’s gang leader sends out an able assassinator to them to settle the scores with betrayers... Meanwhile, Haruna Mae, a woman investigator, has been looking into a homicide committed by some assassins. Through a lead, Haruna comes across Kyoka and Jun who were responsible for the homicide, closes on them for arrest, but they barely get away. Time passes, and Kyoka has become a doctor and Jun is now a music instructor, both leading happy lives. But, the masked gang leader tracks down their whereabouts and tries to settle the scores with them as betrayers. And, Kyoka and Jun face a deadly battle for their lives... Then and there jumps in Haruka, trying to capture them with handcuffs, who succeeds in arresting Jun and later Kyoka who was resigned to fight back. They are interrogated by Haruna cruelly. As their criminal past is revealed, it becomes clear that the gang leader has infiltrated the police headquarters. The battle against them gets messy and confounded...

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