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ZARD-62 Gigantic Heroine Melodia

Galaxy Heroine Melodia, the justice enforcer in universe, goes after a villian and comes to the earth.Otoka, an astrologer, sits at her place in the street as usual.She meets Makoto, a boyish and mysterious girl. Then guys from a crime syndicate starts chasing them. As Otoka and Makoto are cornered and about to fall from the top of a building, Otoka’s crystal ball shines! On the night,Suicider the villain appears out of blue in the city and Makoto is in danger. Otoka goes to help her and looks different. The next thing Makoto knows , Melodia is fighiting Suicider. They fights in the sky and in a cell of a human body. In the final battle, Suicider transforms into 3 Suiciders and prevent Melodia from using her special fighting skill. Then Suicider launches a weapon of mass destruction toward the earth!

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