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ZARD-61 Sailor Ninja [Last Part]

Hibiki gets a harsh torture by Sudo.In the meantime,Shizuki sneaks into Sudo’s hide,work with Bikini who is already inside,succeeds to get Hibiki out there. Bikini gets the proof of a crime and calls the headquarters.But she gets betrayed by a director inside and handed out to the enemies.Sudo plans to get Yamaura,taking Bikini as a hostage. But Bikini succeeds to get out of tortures and gets the info of a place where Yamaura thinks she is released.In the meantime,Hibiki and Shizuku keep Yamaura from Sudo’s plan at the 11th hour.They move on to reach Sudo but are confronted by the super assisns ”The Arashi Three”.Now 3 parties are involved in fighting.Sailer Ninja must prevail before thier enemies put their plans in action!

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