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ZARD-49 Blue One

Shizuka,a female Ninja, works for a secret Japanese agency. She is a descendent of a school of Ninjas who used ice weapons. She easily sneaks into a drug cartel and send them to a jail. The follow-up mission is the bodyguard to a fugitive named Reen,14-year-old only girl of a king in an Asian country. In her country,a coup d’tat took place and the military group tried to take over the government. High ranking officers plan to kidnap Reen and send a Ninja terrorist called Enga,who uses fire weapons,to Japan. Shizuka hide Reen in her house until the U.N.forces intervenes. But Reen is spoiled,selfish so Shizuka has a hard time,tired. Enga breaks into the house. After an epic battle,Shizuka barely makes it to let Reen escape but she was knocked down and caught by Enga. Enga tortures her by taking advantage of her weakness to the fire weapon, to find Reen’s whereabouts. Enga suffers her with a burning chain. Shizuka must fight back and let Reen go home safely.

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