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ZARD-45 Beauty Soldier Soul Guardian Again - Flying to the Grand Finale

Shinobu, who is in fact Soul Guardian White, sets out for the one-on-one fight against Izayoi. Izayoi is also busy preparing for the battle to keep the promise with Shinobu at the same time. However, Akatsuki wouldn’t let this chance go by. While the two female warriors are engaged in the battle, Akatsuki catches them off their guard and captures Shinobu. Izayoi is embarrassed and incensed by Akatsuki’s dirty trick, but Akatsuki tells Izayoi to carry out her mission first and coldly orders her to interrogate Shinobu. Then, Akatsuki, telling Mai Izumo that she now has Shinobu’s life in her hand, continues to torture Mai who has no power to resist. Meanwhile Izayoi couldn’t lie to herself any longer and sets Shinobu free. Shinobu then saves Mai and gives HER a chance to beat Akatsuki while she herself is determined to settle the fight with Izayoi once and for all. Shinobu proposes a two-on-two duel and Akatsuki accepts it. Both Shinobu and Mai practice hard before the final battle, which ends in a most unexpected way.

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