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ZARD-40 Female Combatants Story PARTIII : DEJAVU

Koume is a female combatant of the evil organization Dark Joker. Actually she only joined in the syndicate emboldened by ”liquid courage” and Koume is now thinking about fleeing the group. So she tries to defect in the middle of the battle with the fighters of justice Brave Rangers, but her attempt fails as she is killed by one of the Rangers. But a strange thing happens: she comes to life and on awakening again she discovers that she has gone back in time to the moment when Dark Joker’s combatants are ordered to attack, just some minutes before she died! She uses this to her advantage and makes another attempt to run away in a different way, but this time she is found by Dark Joker’s monster that executes her as deserter. Koume wakes up again, however, exactly at the same moment as before, and she tries another method this time. She plans to use the only female member of the Rangers for her own purpose, but she ends up with capturing Brave Yellow despite her original intention. She is awarded a medal for her work by the combatants’ leader, but still her doomed fate does not seem to have changed. Can she escape from the evil organization and the labyrinth of fate alive?

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