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TSW-99 Spidy lady

Meet Spidy Lady, the world’s greatest superheroine, who is actually Makoto Kisaragi, daughter of Mitsuo Kisaragi, commander of Earth’s Defense Forces! And no one knows who Spidy Lady really is! Having been bitten by Tarantula, a life form from the space, Makoto has gained the superhuman powers and she uses them to fight the evil and protect the Earth’s peace…. However, there is another person who has the same powers as Makoto, someone who happens to be very evil. It is Black Spidy, mastermind of evil organization planning to destroy and conquer the world! Now Spidy Lady must face her greatest enemy in a fiercest battle! And Spidy Lady’s father is taken hostage! Spidy Lady is attacked by the unscrupulous enemy using every method available to them! Finally she is forced to reveal her true identity to her father after so many years of keeping it a secret even he doesn’t know! And now Spidy Lady must receive lesbian tortures on and on!

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