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TSW-100 Princess Claudia in star

Reina Kyoen is a member of the Science Special Squad protecting the peace of Earth. She is in fact Princess of Planet Claudia far away from Earth and the chief of the Squad is actually her subordinate working for her back in her home planet. Princess transforms into the giant heroine Claudia and captures a monster cow created by the experiment conducted by ignorant humans in a special capsule. Meanwhile, an evil space hunter Killer King, a new threat to Earth, arrives from space, carrying an ominous-looking cross with him…. While Reina is unable to transform, Killer King disgraces the princess in front of the chief. Using the cow monster’s power sealed in the capsule, she escapes and becomes the giant heroine Claudia, but what she sees is other members of her clan nailed on the cross. In a fight under wholly adverse conditions Claudia tries to protect her wounded comrades, but she gets backed into a corner. And the capsule monster, Claudia’s last hope, is defeated by Killer King in the end…. [BAD END]

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