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TSGS-12 New Superheroine Begins 12 - Frame Girl

A nondescript, hired investigator during the day. But, in fact, she is our Heroine, Flame Girl! Flashing her mini-skirt today, revealing under-skirt in full view, she fights with Nightmare, a cohort of vice. For her superior and peer taken as hostage, she is demanded to go down on her knees! She obliges to save their lives... and bows, clenching her teeth. Colonel Gushy tramps on her head with his foot! He forces on Flame Girl a ’Debunking Game’ to work off his old grudge! But it is a game Flame Girl never has a chance to win... Justice will prevail, though! Her peers watch Flame Girl as she is subjected to sexual torture. She must keep quiet to hide her identity. Her shameful posture taken in photos, her identity is getting revealed at last...!? 【 Shame version forced costume play 】【 Humiliating butt mantle 】【 Double fellatio 】【 Fucking in repeated acmes 】【Dialog mantle flirting 】 And, now the identity of Flame Girl is about to be disclosed... No! Not to them... my identity is not to be uncovered!!!! What now!? What’ll happen to our Super Heroine Flame Girl? [Bad ending]

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