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TSGS-05 New Superheroine Begins 5 - Major Unsolved Crimes Agent Toko Fujikawa

Touko Fujikawa (means a peach child in wisteria river) is a super-career-bureaucrat- group’s special investigator who has led various cruel hard-going incidents to solution by her gifted power of reasoning and the distinguished combative technique. From a self-experience in which she is a victim of an attempted disgrace incident, therefore, with excessive tenacity, she challenges incidents used as the targets to women. On the other hand, she has shouldered the trauma as opposed to males. Today a sad incident which must be called out also happens. It’s a series of kidnap-murder which has aimed at young women. She discords with the local investigators who already attached as her subordinate at the temporary dispatched place. Touko pierces her belief, and corners felonious offense. However, while she is continuing criminal investigation alone, an evil hand of the crime organization is approaching. It’s an artifice of the mastermind who aims at Touko Fujikawa. There are the men who know all itinerancies of the female investigator. The obscene hands trifle with Touko into a swirl of wanton kinky madness. [BAD END]

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