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TSB-02 Heroine Super Hard Disgrace 2 - The Star of Celine

This county is being faced with dark war-torn era because of one greedy dictator. But while poor citizens are spending pandemoniac days, one female warrior who has received a revelation of God comes down on the ground... She is the Star of Celine, and she beats soldiers of the General Sado with her splendid fencing... But one day a magnetic monster appears in front of her. Her sword is deprived with its strong magnetic force. After that the Star of Celine is driven into a corner by soldiers of the General Sado. And while she is beaten her body so harshly, she is disgraced by men with full of sexual desire. During the disgrace, she is forced to reach acme so many times with very shameful postures and she is thrown into despaired situation by being shot semen inside of her vagina. Her pure white, saint plum body is being spoiled with semen filled with evil men’s obscene desire... The hard blow jobs, and powerful fXXking which almost damages severely in sexual organs of the Star of Celine...that drives her mentality into total destruction. After that her mask is stripped, and her true character is come out; and they find that actually she is a num. She is judged as national treason and is disgraced by the General Sado. The Star of Celine becomes totally mad, and at last she is executed with a punishment of fire. (BAD END)

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