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TSB-01 Heroine Super Hard Disgrace 1

The Mysty Rangers, with mystic power, are made up of five brotherly fighters to save mankind from Inferner’s invasion from hell down under. One and only girlie fighter of the five members, Misty Blue, aka Clara Izu, is the eldest daughter of the Izu family, who has a strong will and sense of responsibility. Doggelger, the master of evil corps of monsters flown from a different dimension to conquer mankind, has kidnapped her four brothers and taken them as prisoners. Clara sets out to rescue them only to find them all turned into plushies by magic. With all her might, Clara fights to get her brothers back, but she is assailed by Zombile, the hellish monster having nine lives who foils her trial of transforming herself into one of the formidable enemies. She manages to round up her four brothers, still in plushies, and escapes safely together. She unleashes the magical seal of the sacred sword Excalibur and charges into the enemy territory. Taken by surprise by the monsters, Clara is captured. As hard as she tries to escape, Clara loses her magical power while tortured and ends up in a fierce gang disgrace. Bad ending.

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