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TOR-50 Tsuyo Ranger ACT 02

Tsuyo Ranger Pink, a fresh member of the team, does not look like confident, at least not yet. Going to the enemy’s hideout, alone, she ends up getting in a pinch, which requires others to help her out. Or, having a trouble with changing prior to fighting, she is almost caught by enemy’s fondling and humiliating torture. It is a senior member Green who has been nice to Pink. He is kind and dependable. One day, Pink and Green fight together with an enemy and get captured by them. * Suffers from poison gas attack. * Getting a sexually stimulated by a special ointment. * And carelessly engages in masturbation. * Green, the last person she wants to see her doing it, incidentally sees her self-loving. * Afterward Green is brainwashed and, with the enemy, goes to her for fondling. * Under the Marshal Schwarzen, she is sexually fondled and humiliated by damp and dirty techniques. * She becomes a sexual servant of Schwarzen, and eventually is thrown away like a real servant. * To add surrender to injury, fighting men find her as their convenient sexual toy and keep playing, endlessly.

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