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TOR-49 Tsuyo Ranger 01

Tuyorengers get in danger! The enemy’s attack by black bazooka apparently destroys her, but they all survive to keep fighting against their enemy, Black Scorpion. [Action scene before alteration] They get down a series of militants, and a phantom shows up. They fight with him evenly. However, the phantom destroys alteration seavers that are used to become Tuyorengers in fighting. Now, they are in trouble, and the phantom is about to engage in a sexual fondling... [Coward enemy] The phantom deprives Pink’s energy by stinging a poison needle into her body. Pink gradually looses her energy. And Black Scorpion, the female boss of the enemy, delivers tortures using electricity and sexual sensation in order to discover the secret of ranger suits. The phantom and General Schuwarzen join her in the sexual torture, which tears the ranger suits off. [Brainwash rite of Black Scorpion] ”The only way to obtain ranger suits is to get the body wearing it!”, says Black Scorpion. Pink is going to get brainwashed by lesbian play, kissing, saliva forced into her mouth. Pink has become an evil woman and pledges her loyalty to Black Scorpion.

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