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TOR-45 Cosmo Woman 03

Rumi Moonwalker was the Cosmo-Woman and the last warrior who had the Cosmo-Force. The Cosmo-Woman challenged the last fight against an evil emperor Creutz who was plotting to dominate the entire universe. In those days, the Cosmo-Woman’s real father Mighty Black was completely dominated by the Emperor. The Cosmo-Woman had two objectives. The first was to beat the emperor Creutz, and the second was to wake her father up from the servantry. And she ventured into Creutz’s base alone. At first she tried her best, but she was captured by the emperor Creutz. Actually Croitsz needed the Cosmo-Woman’s ability and wanted to make use of her. So he put her into various kinds of tortures to make her turn into the evil side. She was cramped and bound firmly hand and foot by electric wires, and she was shocked with some electric brainwashing attack while paralyzing her central pleasure system. Also the emperor remodeled genitals of her father Mighty Black into an electric brainwashing tool. Then the Cosmo-Woman was poked by that tool. She felt it so good physically, but she was not brainwashed by that yet. So she was disgraced by inhabitants of ”Zhiwud” who lived on extremely dirty planet in the entire universe. People of ”Zhiwud” were supposed to have some sickness on the genitals. And by their one stroke into any cracks, it was so irresistible to scratch it. And then the Cosmo-Woman was facing into the deadly pinch! What would be happened to the peace for the universe!? And also there was the moving and touching last scene.

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