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TOR-37 Battle Princess Spandexer the Great 01

Sayaka Sakurai teaches at an evening high school. Students of many different kinds of vocation attend school with the aim of seeing her. However, the real identity of the female teacher Sayaka turns out to be ”Spandexer Saint Angel” that came from the far-distant universe! Of course, the students have no way of knowing the truth... Meanwhile, Gerhard launches a comet missile at the earth! Having been deprived of Cybertron 379, the last resort to escape from the missile, a scientist begs Saint Angel to get it back. She beats up the combatants of Gerhard and drives Zol, Gerhard’s footman, into a corner. And the moment she tries to deliver a final blow to him, an evil woman Zola shows up with Naru-san, one of Sayaka’s students, as a hostage.

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