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TKV-06 Heroine body blow 6

The bionic men, who have stood up to prevent the ambition of an evil organization ”Black Guild” that plots conquest of the world, form a hero unit to deal with it bravely. However, one day Kenzaki, the martial art coach of Miss Martial who is the only woman in the unit, is kidnapped by Black Guild and is made an android. In addition to that their senior officer is taken as a hostage, Kenzaki who is turned into a boxer monster attacks them without mercy! Miss Martial gets caught helplessly and is subjected to dreadful retaliation! Black Guild gives her blows using every available means to destroy her body that can be steelified in an instant by wearing a battle suit. Fierce iron fists hollow Martial’s abdomen and make her shit her pants and fall unconscious over and over again. Will she be able to endure these horrific assaults?

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