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TKV-04 Heroine body blow 4

In a publishing company, a phone rings at the desk of Kaori Shimamura, a crime reporter. The voice on the phone says, “Monsters are running riot in the town. Go for gathering information!” She happily runs out, but what has been waiting for her is the trap set by an evil organization, Black Nova. She struggles, but is caught by the combatants of B.N. and beaten up. Her stomach becomes the focus of attack, and she writhes in pain. But in the nick of time, she is helped by a secret agent, Takuya. “Take it easy. You’re still…” “I’m already a great warrior!” Yes, she is the second Beegle who was left the country of Japan to by the first Beegle. She searches all over the town and finally manages to sneak into the hideout of B.N. But what has been waiting for her there is beating with fists by a monster, Golem. Concentrated attacks on her stomach…Can she survive the storm of punches? Does Takuya come to help her? Why B.N. focuses on her stomach? Rise up, the second Radio Lady Beegle!!

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