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TDM-02 Woman detective dirty angel

Her code name is Dirty Angel. Formerly a special ranger in the army, Sayaka Himegi is now a lowly private investigator. The reason for her downfall was that she once hit a politician, for which she was ousted from the army. And now she is a detective. One day, a big assignment gets into her hands. She is to infiltrate a ring of servant auction and rescue the servant girls. Dirty Angel Sayaka sneaks into the secret auction hall, where rich, old dirty middle-aged men with nothing else to do are molesting the girls on auction. Sayaka beats and subjects every guard to rescue the girls. But, ... A poison gas attack traps her. The organizer of the action now standing in front of the captured Sayaka is none other than the politician who ousted her from the army. She is thrown before the group of dirty men, who devours her body for their sexual outlet. Men after men pounce on her body to ravage and disgrace her. Now, Dirty Angel Sayaka’s young shapely body is smashed and messed up in mushy cum. And,...?

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