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TDLN-119 [On Sale at Heroine Tokusatsu Stores and Available Online] Heroine Strong Pressure - Lascivious

Both of two girls, Yuuri Ouga(means a gentle mind with big tusks) as the Tiga-Ranger of theΦ(Phi)-Ranger and Ran Hanezaki(means an orchid in a soaring cliff) as the Carra-Ranger of that has cared each other, but they always quarrel each other while keeping it in mind. One day Ran(the Carra-Ranger) catches a sign of a foe―the Lagoon Family―but she doesn’t contact with Yuui(the Tiga-Ranger) whom she quarrels with, and she goes to a battle alone and is beaten up to be captured―and to make matters worse she is steeped in the evil power. Yuuri(the Tiga-Ranger) doesn’t know anything about it and goes to rescue Ran(the Carra-Ranger), but she is beaten up by the Carra-Ranger who has become one of the evils so that the Yuui(the Tiga-Ranger) is put in the place of captivity. Ran (the Carra-Ranger), who has captured Yuuri(the Tiga-Ranger), explodes desire being pressed down and tries every means in her power to surrender Yuuri(the Tiga-Ranger). While Yuuri(the Tiga-Ranger) feels for caress of Ran(the Carra-Ranger) whom she admires, she tries to keep reason desperately, but it just prolongs pain. Then, Yuuri(the Tiga-Ranger) still resists against it so seriously but she is forced to reach the acme over and over by Ran(the Carra-Ranger), and at last she is turned into an evil fighter by the foe named Dhorme. Ran (the Carra-Ranger) and Yuuri(the Tiga-Ranger), who become members of the Lagoon Family, obey commands of Dhorme and start to seduce ordinary people and make them into their sex servants. [BAD END]

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