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TBB-04 Heroine Suppression Vol.04

Surprisingly, Simba (Legarian Yuki’s master) betrays Yuki for money in conspiracy with the dictator Yang. Yang finally seizes all of the three hidden treasures of justice but he finds out that they are mere stones unless Legarian Yuki gives in to him body and soul. Then Yang’s torture begins. Simba and Yang duff up Yuki’s body. They lick her private parts giving her punches, kicks and chokes. She undergoes their vicious taunts while being grabbed by the breasts and private parts. She suffers their using wrestling technique that pushes a foot against her crotch. They sniff her all over the body and set a device that takes the cave-in level of both body and soul. There appears a professional torture officer in front of Yuki who still holds up. Whereas he attacks her with blows and intimate attachment, he never forgets sexual assaults to her private parts and breasts. Then he rips her mask off and sniffs her breath. Her disgrace level is declining. He brands her as good as a cow or a horse to give her the last disgrace and makes her a sex servant with a collar around her neck. Now that her damage level in body and soul falls below average, the stone seized by Yang turns into a great asset for him.

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