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TBB-03 Heroine Suppression Vol.03

Eri, Ranger Pink, who has got a severe torture by Satan Cross, bears a strict training to revenge. The other four rangers put her on a really severe training to make her strong. Thanks to that, Ranger Pink, Eri, succeeds in becoming stronger female warrior. And a new fight begins…! Eri, who has got the confidence as a warrior again, alone infiltrates Satan Cross and beats the enemy, but the other rangers, who helps later, get into the trap and become the hostages… Shwartzencroitz, with rage, tortures Pink. Eri is hit hard again and again and torn apart by an evil warrior, Perfect Devil. And she is torn by weak combatants. Her face is stamped by feet and she becomes the experimental guinea pig of a new termination weapon of Satan Cross! Strangling of her head and electric shock, and…! What the fate of Ranger Pink would be…!?

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