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TAA-03 Torenjar 03

Fuki Sentai Toranger was the new age hero squadron, organized by Namihei Nakane, the Governor of Tokyo, who had been ripped off by a the sex trade shop and resented it, to take revenge on that. The mysterious five warriors were all suspicious-looking people who look hard to deal with. There also seemed something going on with the heroin, Yoshiwara Ranger. The five people of that sort were going to fight for maintain strict discipline of Tokyo and justice! International Information Bureau was investigating the corruption of the Governor who had organized Toranger. And to get the definite grounds, they assigned Aya Goto, whose code name was Dirty Angel, to a task that she would pretent to be Yoshiwara Ranger and probe into the internal state of affairs. With putting the combatant of Bokuto Industry to rout, Yoshiwara Ranger Aya entered into the company. She told the president the truth but he didn’t believe her. She was attacked from the back and lost consciousness. Then, the president received word that Bokuto Industry went bankrupt. In despair, he ordered the employing boys who had been the members of motorcycle gang to disgrace Aya. Assaulted and licke up, she escaped by hairsbreadth, but lost the fight against the cyborg Bokuto Z and got caught again. She was disgraced by Bokuto Z which absorbed her energy. The other rangers found out that she was the spy who had come to investigate the corruption of the Governor, and tortured and disgraced her. With the mask of Yoshiwara Ranger ripped off, she was farther humiliated in tatters. However, the chance came to her to turn back the tide of fight. Now, the secret of Toranger would be revealed...

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