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STAK-10 God Huntres

In 2014, 12 Gods appeared out of nowhere and began destroying the earth. Due to this horrific incident, 99.9% of human beings were wiped out... Hundred years later, Yui Mamiya gets into a machine named ’God Huntres’ and time travels to the period when the 12 Gods have just appeared. She fights against the Gods in order to regain the peace, but Goryu takes over God Huntres. Unfortunately, Goryu was hungry for beautiful flesh, and it begins raping Yui. Yui is exhausted mentally and physically after getting creampied by Goryu. But the 12 Gods show up to get a revenge on her. They capture Yui and begin screwing her for the rest of her life. Yui drops tears from her eyes and semen from her vagina after giving up on saving the world.

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