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STAK-01 Blaze Out! PureKira

Wagamaman is a monster who can amplify waywardness that parasites in human hearts, and has ability to change wayward people into monsters. After Wagamaman has destroyed the Fancy World where people always care for each other, the monster heads to the earth as his next target. Pilpi, an inhabitant of the Fancy World, has come to the earth because he once heard that there is a legendary witch who has power to restore the Fancy World. A girl named Maika Yuminaga is Pure Arrow who belongs to legendary fighters Pure-Kira, and she’s been protecting the legendary witch. And one day they meet by accident and become a partner. She fights against monsters day after day, who are sent by Wagamaman’s cadre named Gail. But one day, she is attacked when she uses up all her energy in successive battles, and gets trapped into the world of waywardness where people don’t think of each other and only satisfy their desire. Gaile’s aim is to disgrace Maika and make her abandon herself to pleasure. Well, is it possible for Pure Arrow to escape from the world of waywardness?

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